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Got Ideas?

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Our Startup Solutions are designed to help get your startup idea off the ground. Erezziko aims to be the one-stop shop for startups and other small to medium enterprises providing them with initial start-up phases on the areas of market research, prototype mockup, design, development, funding, marketing, promoting & branding services.
Turning your idea into a lucrative invention is not just our goal, it's our passion. At Erezziko, our team offers clients over 50+ years of combined and diversified expertise. Our extensive Idea startup development range includes: Market research, Prototype, Mockup, Blueprint, 3D & 2D Model, Video Production Presentations, Development, Testing, Launch, Maintenance, Adding new features and optimizing your design to the most recent trends.
Creating an app is only the first step to success. Promotion is the key to a successful startup. Our team of marketing experts have been helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into profit for over fifteen years. With our strategic approach to North American and Worldwide startup, we can provide the solutions you need to manifest your marketable vision. Our extensive marketing & promoting service range includes: Social Media Engagement, Branding, PR & Media coverages, app store optimization, app website creation, app video previews, and much more
If you need to raise capital for your startup, you should begin by deciding how much money to rise and how it will affect your startup. Once you have that figured out, you should decide how you'll be raising it - by crowdfunding, from an angel investor, or through a traditional VC firm. Our Crowdfunding Promotion & PR Services Have Helped Raise Over $50+ million & Counting! We have access to over 100+ active angel investors and venture capitalists that have personal relationships with us and want to receive investment opportunities.
We've helped promote startup & apps that were downloaded millions of times and were featured on the App Store homepage. Some of the apps we built went on to raising 50+ million in funding. Our success is measured not only by helping companies grow and profit (ROI). Our success is measured by Engagement, Branding, Media coverages, Fund Raising, App Downloading, Top Ranking...

Within minutes of signing up for any of our promotion packages we move forward to deliver our services to you.

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