Money And The Law Of Attraction Money Manifestation Planner 2020: 2020 Money Attraction Using The Laws of Attraction (Money Attraction Planner Magnet … Mindset Journal Workbook 2020 Series)

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2010 Version Is Available Now! Get Ready To Have More MONEY and Abundance in the coming year 2020 with Money And The Law of Attraction Planner 2020. Yes! The new year 2020 edition is out now! This is not like any weekly or daily planner, it is designed to help you attract money, wealth and abundance! Do you want to have more money flowing into your life? Are you working very hard but you are still broke? Are you a business owner struggling to make more money from your business? You could be working very hard, you could be trying all kinds of money-making methods, or practising the Law of Attraction for a while but you just don’t see yourself getting richer. If you wonder what is wrong, the answer is that you have not tuned yourself to the vibration of money in order to receive more money. This Money Attraction Planner 2020 is what you need to let the energy of money flow towards you. This is your money attraction journal or workbook to allow you to turn knowledge into action and experience the results. This is a money manifestation action plan that is designed to turn you into a money magnet. Comes with 4 colors designs. This money attraction planner is designed for you to use throughout the year 2020 (Jan to Dec 2020), which is long enough for you to internalize the concepts and turn them into positive habits to help you become a money magnet. Main Contents: -Understanding that money is a form of energy-Removing money blocks to enhance the energy of money to flow to you-Techniques for maintaining the right vibration from your mind and body to align you to the vibration of the energy of money. -The Power Of Gratitude- Art Of Forgiveness And Removing Deep Seated Negative Emotions- The Power Of Visualization- The Power of Giving- The Power of Money Management – The Power of Words Vibrations- The Power of Cluttering And Energy Use this planner and Attract the Abundance and Wealth You’ve Always Dreamed Of! BONUS! – Comes with more than 30 affirmations statements you can use to attract money and abundance! It offers lots of space to write your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and events, and to-do list. Full Specifications: -U.S Edition – U.S holidays-8 x 10 inches weekly and monthly planner- 12-month calendar – 12 sheets of monthly calendar sheet- 128 pages of Weekly calendar sheets side-by-side for easy writing and viewing (Mon to Wed and Thurs to Sun for Jan to Dec 2020- Expense Tracking Sheet for each month -Matte cover lamination – Universe Theme -2 x pages to record important dates for 202030 affirmations statements you can use to attract money and abundance right now! – Money Attraction Tracker Worksheet For Weekly Review- Money Source And Allocation Worksheets- Monthly Expense Tracking Worksheets -Matte cover lamination for durabilityGet Wealthy In Year 2020 Now! Get It Now!

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