Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Looking For Backer and Super Backers?
Export our backer and super backers lists as .csv file which can be use for email and facebook targeted advertising/marketing.
Create Custom Audience for Facebook Ads
The Backer Directory data is ideal to create lookalike audiences for highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns.
What is a credit?
A credit equals a contact downloaded to excel. One credit equals one contact.
How accurate is your data?
While no data is 100% accurate, we pride ourselves on being able to offer access to the most accurate data possible. On average our data is 98% accurate and our Data is updated monthly.
Is there a contract?
No! There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.
Do your lists come with Email Addresses?
Yes! Our Lists come with email addresses for all contacts. The email addresses are on average 98%+ accurate and updated monthly.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment via Paypal for all orders. When completing your order, you will be transferred to an SSL-encrypted Paypal server, where you can complete the purchase and enter payment details.
How do you compile your data?
We search millions of documents to gather public information including news articles, press releases, social networks, blogs and company profiles. We then analyze and categorize all of the data we collect and label it. The data then goes through a testing and validation phase where we remove incorrect and stale information. The data is updated monthly and this keeps our data over 98% accurate!
Have more questions?
Email us: Erezziko